So you're interested in attending OA High Adventure? You won't be disappointed by the experience you will gain at the best program available to youth in scouting. So now you have to sign-up. Here's how you do it:

  1. You're going to need a sign-up form. While you're there, check out some more program information.
  2. Once you've got this, you need to decide what session to apply for. So check your calendar and with your friends, and be sure to do it as soon as possible so that you can get the dates you want.
  3. You'll need some important signature. First, you'll need your lodge staff adviser or Scout Executive. You should contact your scout office to get this done, or your lodge adviser may be able to help you with it.
  4. Check for scholarship opportunities. Many lodges, sections, and even regions offer these. You may be eligible, and that may help you get on your way.
  5. Mail in your application. Make sure that you send in the $50 deposit, and then the remaining balance by March 15 later. Mail to:

    Order of the Arrow
    Boy Scouts of America
    P O Box 152079
    Irving, TX 75015-2079

  6. Finally, make sure that you follow through. Don't just sign up and then not come, you need to make sure that you get all your money in, set up your flight arrangements, and get your gear. Remember that when you are booking your travel, you MUST arrive at your respective program before your scheduled start date. Check the High Adventure website for additional information for each program. Also, please schedule your return travel for the final day of your program after 1PM.

Soon enough you'll be on the trail. See you out there!

For more information please contact!