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Below are some of the most meaningful and wildest stories from OA Ocean Adventure. These are firsthand accounts from Arrowmen who have found out exactly what the makes OA Ocean Adventure so awesome. But to really find out what all the excitement is about, you'll have to go and experience it yourself.

"OA Ocean Adventure at the Florida Sea Base was the first of the amazing OAHA programs I was able to participate in. The beauty of the waters and reefs combined with the fellowship of the crew made for an amazing experience.

One interesting story was the paddling out to Munson Island in a war canoe with the first crew of the summer. The seas were choppy and we were taking on water faster than we could bail it out. Thankfully, we radioed base and they send out a boat to help us get back in the war canoe and continue the rest of our paddle. It was honestly one of the best memories I had all summer!"

-Tyler B., OAOA participant

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