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Contained on this page is information often requested by parents, as well as some other things they may find useful.

Expedition Number:

Your expedition number is important. Your expedition number is based on the day your OA Ocean Adventure begins. For example, if your trek begins on June 17, your expedition number will be OAOA-617. If it begins on July 8, your expedition number will be OAOA-708. Please be sure to include your expedition number in all correspondence.

Emergency Information:

If it becomes necessary for you to reach your son while at OA Ocean Adventure due to an emergency, you may call the OA Ocean Adventure office at the Florida Sea Base at (330)-664-5650.

Writing to a Participant:

We do not recommend that you write to a participant while at Sea Base. In the event that it becomes necessary to do so, please use the address below.

Arrowman's Name - Crew Number (ex. OAOA-621)
Florida Sea Base, BSA
23800 Overseas Hwy
Summerland Key, FL 33042

Please use the links below to learn more about the OA Ocean Adventure program at Sea Base.