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How to Apply

Note: You must have a passport to participate in the OAWV: Canadian Odyssey. If you do not presently have a passport, apply for one before you submit your application (you can do so at any post office). It takes about seven (7) weeks to get a passport. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PASSPORT WHEN YOU REPORT, YOU WILL BE SENT HOME, AS IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CANADIAN ODDYSSEY WITHOUT A PASSPORT.

Participants need to have a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit filed as soon as possible after signing up.

As soon as possible after being accepted to the program, mail the completed application and PHOTOCOPIES of the supporting documentation to:

Northern Tier-OACO Director
PO BOX 509
Ely, MN 55731

You MUST have a copy of your CANPASS - RABC permit on your person when travelling.

RABC application sent in less than 4 weeks prior to arrival may still be processing by the start of the program. Arrowmen without RABCs will not be permitted to cross the border and may be sent home at the Arrowman's expense.

Complete the program application, have it approved by either your Scout Executive or Lodge Staff Adviser, and receive parental permission if you are under age 18. Mail your completed application and $50.00 deposit to:

Order of the Arrow
Boy Scouts of America
P O Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079

Upon approval, the OA will notify applicants by email of acceptance on a first-come, first-served basis. (Every effort will be made to give participants their first choice.) Beginning in March (2018), a packet of materials will be sent to you, preparing you for your experience. Applications will continue to be accepted until all slots are filled. A waitlist will be maintained until all slots are filled or applicant requests a refund of their deposit.